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Does BodyGlide Reduce Chafing on a Hike?

Bodyglide thigh chafing stick

You’ve been hiking for hours in blazing heat. Sweats dripping down your back and running down your legs. There’s nothing you can do to cool off. All of a sudden, out of nowhere you feel the telltale signs of chafing between your thighs.

Thigh chafing has to be one of the most painful problems I’ve experienced on the trail(dealing with monkey butt might be worse). It doesn’t matter how much hiking experience you have, sometimes your thighs will chafe. Even skinny guys/gals have to deal with the occasional chafing issue.

Don’t Worry! Thigh chafing is easy to prevent/cure if you have the right gear. Have you ever heard of BodyGlide(On Amazon)? This stuff works really well on the trail.

How Does Bodyglide Prevent Chafing?

BodyGlide is a greaseless lubricant that’s easy to apply. It lubricates dry skin, cures rashes and reduces inflammation. It’s both a chafing preventative and fast acting cure.

It’s Basically Just Zinc Oxide

Have you ever used plain old Zinc Oxide? That stuff works really well to prevent and cure chafing. Bodyglide is just Zinc Oxide in an easy to use stick (basically like deodorant). It’s way more convenient to use, but I don’t think it’s as effective.

Personally, I have a big 1lb tub of Zinc Oxide that I use before long hikes(On Amazon). I also carry a small tube of Desitin in my first-aid kit to use on the trail.

Check out my post on the different ways you can use Zinc Oxide on a hike.

Body Glide Will Prevent Chafing on a Hike

Thigh chafing is easily preventable with a little bit of BodyGlide. It’s a greaseless lubricant that helps reduce friction anywhere your body rubs. Use it between your thighs, arms, butt-cheeks, feet, etc. Although you might feel a little greasy, it works anywhere it’s applied.

How to Apply Bodyglide

Applying Bodyglide is pretty straight forward. It’s basically a deodorant stick that lubricates your skin. Just rub the stick wherever you have skin on skin contact. It doesn’t work all that well when you have gear rubbing against your skin.

Other Places to Apply Bodyglide

  • Under Arms
  • Nipples
  • Between Butt Cheeks
  • Feet
  • Upper Chest

It’s Much Cleaner Than Zinc Oxide

Desitin(On Amazon) is by far my favorite brand of Zinc Oxide, but it has one major problem. It’s almost impossible to clean yourself up after application. You’re left with a white residue all over your hands that’s almost impossible to clean. There’s no way you’ll get it off on the trail without access to water.

That’s where the convenient deodorant stick comes in handy. You can quickly apply BodyGlide between your legs without having to deal with cleanup.