Can You Leave a Dog in a Tent? Leaving a Dog Alone on a Camping trip

Don’t Leave Dogs Alone in Tents

Leaving your dog alone in a tent is just a generally terrible idea. Even though my dogs come inside the tent with me at night they never get free access when I’m not around.

Here are a few more tips on how to share a tent with your dog.

1) Tents Get Hot

There’s a reason why campers are early risers. About an hour after the sun comes up it gets seriously hot. If it’s 60° outside it’s probably at least 80° in the tent.

Try to sleep in and you’ll be sweating bullets in no time. Plus the condensation will be out of control. Leaving a dog with the screen door open is an even worse idea.

A zippered screen isn’t going to hold back a dog. You’ll just end up with a missing pooch and big hole in your tent.

2) Tent Walls Can’t Hold Back a Determined Dog

Look at the fabric your tent is made out of. To keep tents light manufacturers use the thinnest material they can possibly find. Do you really think a tent wall can hold your dog back if he’s determined to get out?

Even small dogs can chew through the side of a tent and get out. A dog can paw through the side of a tent in 30 seconds or less. This isn’t a time when it’s okay to be foolish.

3) Unfamiliar Territory

You need to be especially careful when bringing dogs into unfamiliar territory. Dog runs away from home there’s a good chance he can find his way back. If your dog gets away at a campground he’s likely gone for good.

Without familiar scents and visual landmarks you can’t expect him to find his way back to you. Plus you’re probably far away from home so that’s going to limit your search window.

4) Dogs Bark When Left Alone

Ever have to listen to a dog bark all day? If not you’re probably the As*hole with a dog that constantly barks.

Your neighbors are there to have a good time and enjoy the weekend. They don’t want to listen to your dog bark all day while you’re out doing god knows what.

Leave your dog alone in an unfamiliar tent and he will probably be a mix of confused and scared. That’s a recipe for a barking dog. With unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds even a quiet dog will become a chatterbox.

5) He Might Run Out of Water

You never know when you’re going to get held. A simple 1hr picnic could end up turning into a 5 hr hike from hell. It’s very hard to judge how long water will last while you’re gone.

It’s Time to Take Responsibility For Your Dog

Just remember that you decided to take your dog on a camping trip. You could have always asked friend or family member to watch him or went to a kennel.

Take some basic responsibility for your pet and just plan around dog friendly activities. If you can’t find away to compromise somebody should just stay with the dog.

Your kids want to go swimming and the dog can’t come. Have mom go down with the kids while dad stays back. Just sit back with your pup, pop open a beer and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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